Huobi Research: The Future of Blockchain Games: An In-Depth Analysis

From the Hyobi blog.

Blockchain games today face problems around poor gameplay experience, short life cycles and capital transfers. Nonetheless, blockchain gaming has disrupted the traditional games model by unleashing two key assets into the gaming space — the “Fungible token” and “NFT” (Non-Fungible token). Since their introduction, the boundaries of the blockchain gaming space have widened, and the secondary market, which was originally regarded by publishers of single-player games as being negligible, can now function as a revenue stream through the consumption of in-game tokens and royalties in the NFT market. With future capital investment, it is also predicted that the gameplay experience of Blockchain games will gradually catch up with that of traditional games, and their unique financial and economic attributes brought about by the token model will also mature.

In this report titled “The Future of Blockchain Games: An In-Depth Analysis”, the long-term potential the blockchain brings to the gaming industry is examined from the gameplay, user, platform and developer perspectives. Among the aspects examined are how new monetizing opportunities can elevate blockchain game development and result in the emergence of new player and game types.

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