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Singapore / August 31, 2023 /  Crypto Exchange Huobi has officially partnered with AICoin, a leader in providing data services. Together, Huobi and AICoin will roll out a seamless integration of API trading functions across both their Android and PC platforms.

Huobi users can now leverage AICoin’s mobile app or PC platforms to keep track of cryptocurrencies listed on Huobi and real-time market information such as market trends and depth charts. This collaboration allows Huobi users to customize trading strategies by utilizing AICoin’s data analytics tools for informed decision-making, and execute trades swiftly.

The collaboration with AICoin introduces a wider array of trading options for Huobi users by enhancing trading efficiency and experience. It marks a step forward in the efforts by Huobi to expand its trading ecosystem and let users gain diversified trading tools and services. Meanwhile, Huobi has rolled out a series of limited-time promotions to celebrate this partnership.

Huobi x AICoin Limited-Time Benefits: Discounted Fees, Fee Rebates, and More

Per Huobi’s official announcement, a promotional campaign offering a wealth of rewards has been kicked off starting from August 31 extending until September 13 to stimulate the trading environment, improve efficiency, and show gratitude to its users.

Within this period, anyone who registers for a Huobi account will be granted a Prime4 membership for 30 days. This entitles them to an impressive 60% discount on spot trading fees and an astonishing 65% reduction on futures trading fees. The first 100 daily participants who sign up on Huobi through the AICoin link and deposit any amount of funds will be eligible to enjoy 15 days of zero trading fees.

Huobi x AICoin Development Goal: Setting the Pattern with Technology-Driven Growth

As a leading crypto exchange, Huobi has maintained a solid industry record of functionality with no major security incidents for the past ten years. This collaboration with AICoin for full API trading integration shows Huobi’s commitment in technology-driven growth, which is one of Huobi’s main  development strategies. With this partnership, Huobi aims to deliver a more efficient and convenient trading experience to users worldwide.

A Huobi spokesperson stated that “AICoin specializes in providing data services tailored to the digital asset industry with strong data analysis capabilities and extensive market experience. This partnership leverages the strengths of both Huobi and AICoin to create additional trading opportunities and value driven services for users.”

The collaboration not only enhances the trading experience and efficiency for Huobi users but also provides innovative trading tools and services. It enables flexibility, convenience, and trading efficiency. Both Huobi and AICoin promote innovation and competitiveness in digital asset trading by offering cryptocurrency investors more convenience and choices.

In the future, Huobi plans to explore more cooperation opportunities  with AlCoin to deliver increased value to users. Additionally, Huobi aims to cultivate new partnerships while adhering to regulations worldwide. The company will always explore new technological integration and advance its development as a leading global gateway to Web3.

About AICoin

AICoin is a frontrunner in digital asset market data and serves millions of users worldwide. AICoin offers distinct features such as price alerts, professional candlestick charts, major signals, customizable indicators, asset statistics, smart order splitting, three-click order placement, and automated arbitrage, AICoin provides users with an all-inclusive service for tracking trends, analyzing market conditions, swift order placement, asset management, and value enhancement.

About Huobi

Founded in 2013, Huobi has evolved from a crypto exchange into a comprehensive ecosystem of blockchain businesses that span digital asset trading, financial derivatives, wallets, research, investment, incubation, and other areas. Huobi serves millions of users worldwide, with a business presence covering over 160 countries and regions across five continents. Its three development strategies – “global development, technology drives development, and technology for good” – underpin its commitment to providing comprehensive services and values to global cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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