HSBC had two of its Hong Kong branches closed on Jan. 2, the first working day of the year, following attacks by protesters during the latest anti-government demonstrations on New Year’s Day. The banking giant also closed seven indoor ATM clusters and announced on Friday it will suspend overnight services at 19 other ATM locations on weekends and public holidays.

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ATMs in Protest Hotspots Closed

The affected teller machines are located in common protest hotspots, Reuters reported. Besides the two vandalized branches, Hong Kong protestors covered the two landmark lion statues in front of HSBC’s main building in the city center with graffiti before setting them on fire. The latest round of the political crisis involved fresh protests against the government of China’s special administrative region on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

HSBC Closes 2 Branches Following New Protests in Hong Kong

The ongoing popular demonstrations started last year, triggered by the introduction of a draft law allowing the local government to…

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