There is no greater fear for cryptocurrency investors than one day forgetting the password to their blockchain wallets, seeing how their own money is right in their hands but still locked away forever from them. If this has happened to you, however, don’t lose hope. There are ways to recover a lost blockchain wallet password, as explained by a leading expert at wallet recovery with years of experience from KeychainX.

Step by Step Guide for Recovering a Lost Blockchain Wallet Password

Blockchain has over 76 million wallets created since its inception in 2011, and many users might have lost their passwords in the passing decade. But if support will not help you recover your password, what other options do you have? Luckily, Robert Rhodin, the CEO of KeychainX and an expert in the field of wallet recovery, has written a complete step by step guide to help you with the process of recovering it yourself.

Lost your blockchain wallet password?

First, if you forget your password but remember what email…

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