How to Identify and Mitigate a Bitcoin Dust Attack

Bitcoin transactions are not anonymous but users can still add a layer of privacy by using different addresses and other techniques to confuse blockchain surveillance. However, a de-anonymization method known as a dust attack is on the rise. If the microtransactions that characterize a dust attack go unnoticed, they can potentially be used to identify cryptocurrency users.

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Peppering Crypto Networks With Dust to Deanonymize Users

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin core (BTC) are not private by default. In fact, both digital ledgers are completely transparent for the entire world to see and this means bitcoin users have to add their own degrees of privacy to give themselves a better form of anonymity. Privacy techniques used by bitcoiners include shuffling coins, using Tor or a VPN, and completely avoiding address re-use. Despite taking these measures, however, there’s a way in which people can be…

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