How to get bitcoin without having to give up your personal information? The best way is probably good old fashioned work – earning it.

Ways And Means

We tend to like our Bitcoin decentralized, anonymous, and peer-to-peer. After all, wasn’t that sort of… the whole point? So why do most people acquire it through centralized, third-party exchanges who demand to know our identity? There is another way, of course. We can earn it.

A new post on the BTCPay Server Blog, details a number of ways to accept bitcoin payments. Among the noted benefits of receiving BTC as payment is the power of self-sovereignty. Plus, a knock on benefit to the entire ecosystem comes when a bitcoin earner goes on to spend those earnings.

People getting paid in BTC, have no other choice than to spend it from time to time, helping other merchants in the ecosystem stack sats, organically distributing sats all over the world.

Naturally, the focus of the original post is on using BTCPay Server, but the principles also apply to other means.

Invoice In…

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