offers a variety of widgets for website developers to easily add bitcoin cash (BCH) price charts, tickers, headlines and more. These can help increase engagement from readers and keep your website updated regarding the performance of crypto assets in real time.

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Improve Your Website With a Widget

If you’re looking enhance your website with always updated, informative and responsive widgets, has got you covered. On this page you can find simple instructions to add bitcoin cash price charts, simple tickers for BCH/USD, BCH/JPY and BCH/EUR, a news feed and more. These widgets can also be easily customized to fit your needs.

How to Easily Add a Bitcoin Cash Price Chart to Your Website widgets come in dark and light color schemes

To actually install the widgets on your site all you need is a bit of copying and pasting. Select the short code displayed on the page next to your desired widget and simply place it in the HTML area of your website in…

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