Knowing what you have to pay to access a service is critical to judging the usefulness of any system. Here’s how you can check the current average transaction fees when make payments using BTC and BCH.

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Track Transaction Fees With Coin Dance

Coin Dance is a cryptocurrency data website offering statistics about the performance of digital assets. The platform features a live chart for following daily average transaction fees. It shows the difference between the often volatile fees on the BTC network and the much more stable and affordable BCH fees.

How to Check Current Transaction Fees for BTC and BCH

As the chart clearly shows, BTC fees have recently spiked. High fees were a major point of contention among the cryptocurrency community during the latest great rally and with prices going up again across the board we can expect the issue to return to the forefront. Checking this chart on Coin Dance will allow you to stay informed and take part in the discussion using hard data.

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