DASH is a popular cryptocurrency in Nigeria due to the project’s education effort championed by the DASH Nigeria community. In this article, we explore the best options for buying Dash in Nigeria.

If you are not sure about what Dash is, check out this article: What is Dash?

Bitfxt, BlockVilla, and YellowCard are the best exchanges for buying DASH in Nigeria. You could also try the CoinCola and LiberalCoins peer to peer platforms to find people willing to sell their DASH.

Here is a break down of the top 5 platforms where you can sell and buy Dash in Nigeria:



Bitfxt is a popular cryptocurrency exchange in Nigeria. The platform was launched in August 2018 and has become a regular feature in most top exchanges list in the country.

Bitfxt allows you to convert your Naira to Dash. Trading on the platform comes with a 0.25 percent fee per trade for users with a low volume. If you use the platform more frequently, you will have to pay less in trading fees.

 What’s more, the startup recently partnered with Dash to enable…

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