South Africa is one of the largest cryptocurrency markets in Africa. Due to this, there are several options to consider when buying bitcoin in South Africa.

The most popular way to buy bitcoin in South Africa is via the Luno exchange, but Valr, ICE3X, OVEX, and Altcointrader are great platforms that come with their advantage.

Further, South Africa is home to the most Bitcoin ATMs on the African continent. This allows you also to buy bitcoin in South Africa using ATMs.

This guide covers all the options for purchasing Bitcoin in South Africa through various payment options.


As we have already mentioned, Luno is a popular South African cryptocurrency exchange. Luno’s exchange platform has an easy to use interface, which makes it an excellent choice for new users.


Further, its brokerage service allows you to buy bitcoin instantly without having to use the long method of finding buyers on a P2P platform or making an order on an exchange.

The SA owned exchange allows you to buy bitcoin through bank transfer, credit cards, and…

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