Bitcoin has become a significant currency for global trade and exchange of value. The digital currency has created a new trend for payments and brings several benefits to businesses.

So let’s say you want to accept bitcoin as a form of payment for your business. There are two main routes you could use.

You can ask your customers to pay you directly via your bitcoin wallet (link) or get a point-of-sale platform or device to accept bitcoin online or offline.

The most convenient way to accept bitcoin as a business in South Africa is through a payment processor that allows you to keep track of all your revenue and has point-of-sale integration.

These bitcoin merchant platforms are usually easy to use and do not require sophisticated technical know-how. This allows you to focus on your business and spend little time trying to accept payments.

Several platforms exist to help you accept bitcoin at your business, including, KriptoLink, CoinGate, Blockonomics, Coinify, Coinbase, and Bitpay.

Most of these services are based in the US and…

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