How Many People Actually Have At Least 1 Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has consolidated above $10,000 this week. This is a pretty decent amount for one coin, so you might wonder how many people hold at least 1 BTC.

Only About 2% of Addresses Hold 1 Bitcoin or More
We’ll begin by checking the distribution of Bitcoin by addresses as presented by BitInfoCharts.

As you can see, there are 633,008 addresses that have at least 1 BTC (1.68 million coins in total), which is 2.18% of all addresses out there. However, one address doesn’t necessarily equal one person, so we’ll have to dig deeper in order to obtain a realistic range.
We already have the first scenario, in which one person has a single wallet with no less than one Bitcoin. That’s the best-case scenario for us – it’s the most convenient one for counting.
But the situation gets trickier in the second scenario, in which one person…

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