The non-fungible token (NFT) industry has exploded in 2021 as millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies continue to be traded for these blockchain collectibles every single day. This week, News chatted with the popular American rapper Ja Rule about NFTs as he has partnered with James Cropcho and Robert Testagrossa to build a marketplace called

Ja Rule Speaks About NFTs and Bitcoin, Fyre Festival, and the NFT Marketplace

Yesterday, News spoke with recording artist Ja Rule, who is well known for his chart-topping albums and songs like the number 1 hit “Always on Time” (featuring Ashanti) in 2002. The musician is now involved with non-fungible tokens and helped form a unique NFT marketplace with serial entrepreneur Robert Testagrossa and engineer James Cropcho. is a full-service NFT marketplace that caters to artists, celebrities, and creators who want to monetize their work with physical NFTs.

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