Highlights From Bitrue x XRP Healthcare “Ask Me Anything” Session | by Bitrue | May, 2023

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Q1. Could you provide a quick introduction about you and the team behind XRP Healthcare for the community?

My name is Kain Roomes, and I am the President & Founder of XRP Healthcare. I was born in the United Kingdom of London and grew up as a keen sportsman, playing soccer at a professional level. I then quit through injury and became a model in the fitness industry promoting sports brands such as Sports Direct and Nike, I then went on to become a full-time cryptocurrency investor after famously selling my steel and gold Rolex Submariner to purchase Bitcoin in 2018, and then investing in altcoins such as Zilliqa and XRP turning the £7,500 I got for my Rolex into over £2,000,000.

In September 2022 — I founded XRP Healthcare, the first pharma and healthcare platform to be built on the XRP Ledger with my father Laban Roomes and grew the business from 0 to a 194,000,000 USD valuation in just 3 months.

Recently, I founded XRP Healthcare Africa to acquire private healthcare clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals on the African continent and have gone on to partner with M&A specialists The Burnratty Investment Group, amalgamating both companies into one and in the process becoming a formidable force in the sector, with the aim of achieving a 1 billion dollar valuation by 2026.

In line with our global expansion, we have actively gained several new team members to facilitate legal formalities, frameworks, and expert healthcare advice — bringing our total experience to over 250+ years.

Our formidable dream team ranges from healthcare industry experts to Forbes-listed CEOs and investors — let me introduce a few:

Dr. Peter Waiswa, is a healthcare industry expert with over 20 years of experience and a technical advisor for The World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Dr Craig G. Stark is a physician executive with 20+ years of clinical, operational, and leadership experience specializing in international healthcare with a focus on telemedicine and health systems management in emerging markets.

Retired 1st Lieutenant Whitney Lynn, is a veteran of the US Army Medical Service Corps and a seven-time Ironman Triathlon finisher, bringing over 45 years of experience in M&A, business development, startups, investment, and leadership. With a proven track record of achieving measurable results across global operations in multiple industries,

Director of Technology, Nico Westerdale has served as the Director of Technology of the $15 Billion US Dollar GoPuff Company an on-demand item deliverer on the 2020 CNBC’s Top 50 Distributors List.

Rodolfo C Rivas is the Assistant Deputy Permanent Representative at the World Trade Organization working as a Frontline negotiator on four intergovernmental agreements, including the Trade Facilitation Agreement, expected to produce accrued global benefits of over US$1 trillion a year.

Jefferey Short, a Board Member of the Roseville Chamber of Commerce, is an experienced top executive with a track record of successfully growing profits and improving operational efficiencies. Specializing in start-up, early-stage, high-growth companies. He is a skilled negotiator and presenter with experience in Fortune 500 companies, CxO, government, education, B2B and B2C markets

Dr Isaac Musuubo is a Health Advisor at Guidepoint, a world-leading expert network, providing business & government professionals with opportunities to communicate with industry and subject-matter experts.

Hesham Zreik was ranked in the Forbes top 50 investors based on investment and successful exits and has over 20 years of experience leading multinational businesses.

Dr. O’Neil has a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Analysis NIR Spectroscopy & Chemometrics BPharm, and was granted membership to The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain ❲MRPharmS❳ and the Royal Society of Chemistry ❲MRSC❳ and has also been a Consultant for Nircorp ❲Near Infrared Corporation❳ and Lead Chemometric Scientist at the University of Oxford.

To see the rest of our team members — visit: https://xrphealthcare.com/team

Q2. Can you give us a brief overview of XRP Healthcare and how it compares to other projects in space? We’re curious to know what makes XRP Healthcare unique!
XRP Healthcare is the first Pharma and Healthcare platform to be built on the XRPL. XRP Healthcare (XRPH) is an innovative, scalable solutions company utilizing Web3 technology to revolutionize the way people access and afford healthcare services globally.

There is no other company like XRP Healthcare on the XRP Ledger, and there is certainly no other company we know of that has partnered with an M&A company and actively creating opportunities for the utilization of its token XRPH within the African private healthcare sector.

Q3. Can you provide an overview of the XRPH Healthcare platform and its main features?

XRPH are focused on improving the lives of individuals and families with the ethos of providing:

A decentralized marketplace for pharma and healthcare services.

Faster payment transactions worldwide via our mobile app.

Help inhabitants of pharmerging countries access standard healthcare via faster payments.

The building out of a virtual Metaverse Clinic where clients can have anonymous counseling and therapy sessions by choosing an avatar.

Our unique partnership with United Networks of America allows cardholders to be rewarded in our native token XRPH each time the card is used.

Q4. Alright, let’s talk about XRP Healthcare’s token $XRPH. What can you tell us about its utilities and tokenomics? Are there any use cases or future plans for it that the community should be aware of? We want to hear more about the future of $XRPH!

2 weeks after inception, the XRPH issuing address was blackholed, meaning our total supply of 100 million tokens will never increase.

We have recently announced our entry into the African Healthcare sector which is estimated to be worth USD 259 billion by 2030, and its population is set to double between 2021 and 2050 to 2.5 billion people, further requiring a solution for quality private care establishments to deal with the changing nature of burden disease — We will acquire and merge privately owned healthcare establishments via our subsidiary XRP Healthcare Africa, creating a sustainable premier healthcare network.

XRP Healthcare Africa will foster the creation of a better and more sustainable network via focused investments into privately owned healthcare-related establishments that reside under one roof with access to improved systems, doctors, and medical provisions which will all utilize XRP Healthcare’s’ developing blockchain technology as well as our native token (XRPH).

Q5. How does XRPH Healthcare support clinical research and collaboration among healthcare professionals?
XRP Healthcare plans to do this first in East Africa where we have partnered with The Burnratty Investment Group to consolidate the highly fragmented private healthcare sector by purchasing already profitable clinics, pharmacies and hospitals — providing increased access to medical supplies such as much needed equipment, medication, including vaccines — as well as allowing for the detection of counterfeit medicines and training in the technology to do so.

Q6. How does XRP Healthcare ensure data security and privacy for patients and healthcare providers?
We decided to build on the XRP Ledger (XRPL) for this very reason.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, security and dependability are two of the most crucial considerations. Because of its use of strong encryption measures that defend against assaults and unauthorized access, the XRP Ledger is one of the most secure blockchains in existence.

The XRPL has a high transaction throughput, which means it can handle a large number of transactions at the same time without delaying and declining in speed. As a result, it is perfect for patients and healthcare providers that need to process huge numbers of transactions rapidly and competently.

The XRP Ledger is also fully decentralized — meaning no single organization has authority over it. The users of the ledger, who vote on modifications to its protocol, authorize it rather than a single entity.

Q7. Can you provide examples of real-world use cases/projects that have utilized XRPH Healthcare? Or any notable partnerships that XRP Healthcare has established?
We have several notable partnerships over the last 6 months, since our launch at the Sologenic London meet up in November, including ScriptCo which is an American online pharmacy that sells prescriptions and medications at wholesale prices. ScriptCo operates online and is operational in 48 U.S states and will soon be available to be accessed and orders placed from the XRP healthcare decentralized market place using native token.

Other huge partnerships include United Networks of American (UNA) United Networks of America. (UNA) who has garnered a reputation for outstanding customer service and has established itself as a leading provider of healthcare network solutions, boasting over 240,000 participating providers, and serving over 120 million members.

Through 2021, the company helped its members save a staggering estimated 10 billion dollars.

The partnership takes the form of the “XRP Healthcare prescription savings card” issued from the XRP Healthcare website which can be used to save up to 80% on prescriptions and medication in 68,000 national and regional U.S.-based pharmacies — including Walmart, CVS and Walgreens.

Our unique partnership with this giant will allow cardholders to be rewarded in XRP Healthcare’s native token (XRPH), which is paired with (USDT) each time the card is used. All XRPH rewards will be distributed solely by XRP healthcare each time their card is used which amounts to $1.00 of XRPH no matter how many times the customer uses their XRPH savings card.

As already mentioned XRP Healthcare has partnered with The Burnratty Investment Group, forming a subsidiary called XRP Healthcare Africa with the sole goal to consolidate the highly fragmented private healthcare sector starting with East Africa — merging clinics, pharmacies and hospitals to improve overall quality of service, training and access to medical supplies, including vaccines and measures to deal with counterfeit medication.

There are several other partnerships that we will be announcing in the coming weeks but for now we are not at liberty to divulge names.

Q8. I hope this isn’t a tough question, what has XRP Healthcare been working on during the bear market? What has the team done to nurture and navigate the project throughout this situation?

We have been working on our mobile app and decentralized marketplace which is due before the end of this quarter and have created an all-star team to help us fulfill our vision.

We have been working closely with our new partner The Burnratty Investment Group to develop real world business that allows us to operate outside the constraints of crypto, while at the same time developing a new ecosystem to utilize our XRPH token.

Q9. As we all know, 2022 hasn’t been a good year for Crypto, 2023 can be a redemption year for Crypto where we as a community can strive back and utilize the blockchain technology for a good use. Could you give us a little brief about XRP Healthcare’s 2023 project roadmap, are there any prominent plans or delayed agenda from 2022 that will be the team’s focus in 2023?

Our prominent plans consist of completing our mobile app and marketplace, more exchange listings, development of Metaverse clinic, international partnerships utilizing XRPH token, continued consumer onboarding, first batch of private clinics, etc in Africa purchased, testing of telepharma integration, continued upgrades to the XRP Healthcare ecosystem.

There is no delayed agenda from 2022. We launched XRP Healthcare in November last year, just 6 months ago at the Sologenic meet-up event.

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