Highlights from Bitrue x Volt Inu “Ask Me Anything” Session | by Bitrue | Jun, 2023

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Q1. To kick things off, can you give us a brief introduction to Volt Inu? How does it differ from other deflationary tokens on the Ethereum blockchain?

Volt nu is one of those projects that aims to be a one-stop shop in DeFi. Our deflationary mechanisms allow us to minimize our supply while increasing our value over the course of time. One way, we separate from, I guess other tokens on the Ethereum network is through our utilities. Our deflationary exchange, for example, is an exchange where any token can be traded. And while that token is being traded, it’s also burned. 0.25% of that token is being burned, and a portion of Volt Inu is being burned. Right. So haven’t seen a deflationary exchange on the block. That’s one thing that differs between us and maybe other tokens on the Ethereum Network. I would say our developer is definitely something that separates himself from anyone else.

If we look around the space, our developer is probably the most active, if not the most active developer in the space. He’s here in the Twitter space. Ten minutes ago, he was just in another Volt Inu Twitter space. Every day wakes up at about 04:00 a.m. and greets the entire crypto space. Very Engaging. And we have a 24-hour Telegram channel open 24/7 where people can come in and actually see our developer in there listening to the community. And I think that helps us stand out from the rest. Because with us being a DAO, Voltoshi always knows the temperature of the community, and he moves accordingly. So you have a sense of family, you have a sense of voice when you hear Volt Inu. And I think that’s one of the biggest things that separates us from the rest.

Q2. With a project like Volt Inu, an amazing team is working behind the scenes to put everything together. Can you explain a little bit about the team’s structure behind the project?

Well, as far as the team goes, I know we have Voltoshi, our lead developer, and he also has the people he works with closely. But as far as how that’s structured, how that works, I really don’t know. I try not to get too caught up in that aspect of everything because that’s their job. They’re the Devs. They have experience in developing. I just have experience investing and pushing. So that’s kind of where I stick to. But I know this, this team is all for anyone stepping up and stepping out. Again. I had no connections with anyone on this team. I knew no one when I joined Volt Inu, and I guess my dedication and my hard work were seen by the team, and they decided to allow me to do stuff like this. Like Twitter, spaces, X, Y, and Z, and stuff like that. So I think it’s really about who really wants it. You will be recognized if you prove that you want it here in Volt. You will have the time to use your skills to push this product as long as you do it for the right reasons. This team, I feel like is massive. They have their eyes and ears everywhere, so they can see who’s here for Volt and who’s not. As far as the team is structured, I couldn’t go too far into that. We have YouTubers. We have other community leaders that help push this product. Above that is the whole entire development team. Voltoshi and the rest of the team. So as far as how deep that team is, I have no idea.

Q3. On Volt Inu’s website, it is mentioned that Volt Inu is the People’s Crypto, and “Volt Inu is an ecosystem aimed at becoming a one-stop shop offering DeFi products.” What steps have the team taken in order to achieve this?

Okay, so we have our VoltiCard Utility, an off-ramp for DeFi. This allows you to spend your crypto in the real world without dealing with the hassle of exchanges and all of that good stuff. You can literally just spend it right there from ETH, from USDT, right there into the real world by using the VoltiCard. That’s one way they aim to be a one-stop shop because you have your way in to vote with VoltiChange, our deflationary exchange, and then you have your way out with the voting card. Another way that they aim to be a one-stop shop is we’re trying to cover as much of the crypto sector as possible. We have our game with the Battle Royale, the VDSC Battle Royale game, which is our NFT collection. It’s a game based on that. We have our NFT Collection, which is our Volted Dragons Sailors Club. So now, we’re attracting gamers in the crypto space. We’re attracting NFT collectors in the crypto space. We’re attracting whales who need an off-ramp in the crypto space, and we’re attracting new projects who want to come into crypto with a utility with our faulty chains deflationary Exchange. With that exchange, any project is able to add the widget to their website, and from there, their projects can also have that burn mechanism. So as you can see, Volt aims to provide utilities to everyone in the space by giving everybody these opportunities in return. They come to Volt, they see Volt, and they possibly invest in Volt. Why wouldn’t you? If you’re using all these utilities with Volt, you might as well if you have an Apple phone, you might as well invest in Apple. If you drive a Tesla, you might as well invest in Tesla. So if you’re using all of our utilities, you might as well take a little bit and invest in Volt. So that’s how the team has taken steps to get that adoption going.

Q4. The Volt Inu’s native token $VOLT is an essential part of your ecosystem. What does the tokenomics and supply for $VOLT look like? And can you provide more information about its use cases, benefits for token holders, and how it contributes to the project’s overall growth?

I’m so glad you asked this question now because we actually are a zero-tax token now. We were 13% in and out by sales and transfers, but we recently migrated to our V3 Contract, where we’re now tax-free. So it’s 0% buy, 0% sell, and 0% transfer. One of the, I guess, benefits to holders is kind of how you said with our ecosystem. In order to be a part of our ecosystem, you’re going to need two things. You’re going to need some $VOLT in some type of capacity, and you’re going to need a Volted Dragon Sailors Club NFT, which is our Dragon NFT. You can see King Ozzy has one of our ‘1 of 1s’. If you scroll down, you can see a lot of dragons in the Chat. Those are NFT collections right there. You’re going to need a combination of both to kind of maneuver around our ecosystem. Give you an example with our VoltiEco, one of our latest utilities released. It’s basically an AI-powered technology that goes out there in the crypto space, finds airdrops, and brings that revenue back home. A certain percentage goes to people who staked their dragons, who were lucky enough to stake, I should say because there’s only a certain amount of slots. If you were lucky enough to stake a dragon and some $VOLT tokens, you were able to get a share of the revenue that comes back. Another portion of the revenue goes towards buyback and burning the $VOLT tokens, which decreases the supply and increases the demand. And then a portion of that money also goes back into buying and burning the NFT (the dragons). So you can see how the team is setting up a way that everything that Volt has becomes deflationary and more valuable over time. So the incentive to hold is simply that the supply will keep decreasing over time. We started off with 69 trillion tokens, and we have burned a lot. I’m not sure of the exact amount, but I can go to the Volt Inu website and see if the dashboard is updated. But yeah, we definitely have incentives for holding. And, like I said, being deflationary is one of them. Having access to our ecosystem with VoltiEco and VoltiFlex, which is soon to come, a global staking platform. It’s just so many things within our ecosystem that you have to be a part of the ecosystem in order to partake. So that’s kind of the benefit there.

Q5. We heard that Volt Inu is approaching the GameFi section. And if I’m not mistaken, it’s called VoltiGames. Can you explain briefly about VoltiGames and what kind of games users can expect to play, and how to earn?

Okay, so we have two games under our belt. The very first game was our play-to-earn Racer game. And it’s pretty much a game where you’re trying to escape the cops, and you can’t hit certain things. If you hit certain things, you lose health. You grab hearts to get more health. And basically, the objective is to last the longest in the round. With those games, you did not need a dragon at first to play. But now, with that racer game, you do if you want to earn money. So there have been thousands of dollars that have been given away just with that game alone. Because, again, that was our first game. So we’ve had time to build that and do tournaments, things of that nature. So people who played that game were getting money ever so often. I can’t remember how often the payouts were, but they were getting money frequently. I remember seeing Tweets where people just got first place, getting $1,000 here or $500 here, and so on and so forth. With VoltiGames, we also have the VDSC Battle Royale game, which is still in the development stages. But this game is a Battle Royale game where it’s a survival, Last Man Standing, shooter game. And it’s kind of like a Fortnite type of deal where you have the playable characters, which would be your Volted Dragon Sailor Club NFT. So once the real game comes out, you’ll be able to play with the NFTs that you own. And within that game, there are also going to be ways for users to earn money, but that hasn’t been 100% specified yet on how that will work. But with the VoltiG games, essentially, we’re again trying to tap into that gaming sector because we saw the last bull cycle, the gaming market, the NFT gaming market was pretty big, pretty massive, and Volt saw that and decided to dip their toes in that sector. So, those are the two things that we have so far with the GameFi, which is our Racer game, Play-to-Earn. And then our Volted Dragon Sailors Club Battle Royale game.

Q6. Next up, we have VoltiChange, Volt Inu’s multichain decentralized exchange. What makes it different from other DEXs? And what features does it offer?

Okay, so one feature I like a lot, and I know some DEXes have this, but one feature that VoltiChange has that I like is the ticker at the top that lets you know what tokens are currently trending on the platform. Another thing we have with Voltage is we’re partnered with Lynx, where you can track their wallet without having to connect things of that nature. Some people, especially those we just recently migrated to, always wanted to know how many tokens they have, what their balance was, this, that, and the third. Well, with the migration, we had to wait for CMC to update. We have to wait for Ledger to update. We must wait for all these things to update to catch up.

But with Lynx, users are able to connect, not connect their wallets, but track their wallets without connecting. So that’s super bullish there. The main thing that separates our exchange, our DEX, from other DEXes is that ours is deflationary. As I mentioned before, any token that’s being traded on this DEX is a certain percentage of it is getting burnt. And if someone was to go and buy their native token on VoltiChange, and then they go to DEX Tools and watch their transaction, there will be two transactions back to back with their wallet showing how much they purchased and how much they burned. So, communities are able to keep track of what each individual wallet is burning when they utilize our utility. That would be the biggest thing that separates us from everyone else. Coming soon, we will have a limit order feature on our DEX, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Now you can be a Degen safely. You can get those tokens that just launched yesterday. Set a limit, sell and get out of your sleep. You don’t have to watch your Degen Plays 24 hours anymore once that feature is unlocked. So that’s pretty bullish there. And then there will also be a peer-to-peer feature where you can do transactions with the person. No middleman. So those are two features that I also know well, peer-to-peer maybe, but the limit order, I have not seen that in a DEX yet. I could be wrong. Also, the deflationary mechanism. I haven’t seen that in the decks yet, either. And if they did do, it was after Volt Inu. So that’s kind of what separates our decentralized exchange from others.

Q7. Can you explain briefly about Volticard? What is it about, why should people use it, and what benefits does it offer?
VoltiCard is so bullish, man. Look at it like the Crypto.com Card. For those who don’t know, it’s a card where you can top up your card with cryptos. But the beauty about our card is that it’s not attached to a centralized exchange. It’s a DeFi card. There is a KYC process with the physical card because they have to send it to you. So, there is that process, but other than that, you’re pretty much staying in DFI and spending your money in the real world. It’s bridging the gap between the real world and DFI. And the beauty is that you only need 200 million tokens of Volt Inu to have this card. To have access to this card. Now, just to put it in perspective, when the VoLTE card first launched, 200 million tokens were almost $400.

At this current state, 200 million tokens are under $200. It’s like one 121 or 125 to get 200 million tokens, something like that. So right now, the VoltiCard is at a discount. And the beauty about that is when you buy those 200 million tokens, obviously, with crypto, it can go up, it can go down. So you’re investing in a solid project like Volt that’s providing you with solid utility with a small little investment of $120. And you can have an offering for your USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, etc. We even have some other meme tokens we partner with that jumped on board. There’s a plethora of tokens that you can spend, including stables, just with the VoltiCard. And another beautiful feature that they added recently is that if you own a VDSC Dragon, you can get the Gold and a Black Metal card just by holding a Dragon. If not, there’s a fee, I believe. I want to say $200 if you don’t own a Dragon to get that Gold or Metal card. So the Metal card is more of a flex, in my opinion. They’re heavy, they’re solid, and they sound great when they hit the countertop as you order around the beers and you slap that thing on the table. Everyone on the bar top will look down and say, “Who is slapping this metal card on the table?” That’s kind of where that is. And the benefit of that, or the perks of having a VDSC Dragon, is you get that card for free. If not, you do have to pay a small fee to get that metal, gold, or black card. But if you don’t want to do that, 200 million $VOLT and you can get the plastic card, and it still spends the same. So that’s the VoltiCard. So bullish off-ramp for DeFi. To me, that’s a Wells paradise. I mean, a crypto person’s paradise. Not even just for Wells, but if you’re into crypto, you’re fully involved in crypto, and VoltiCard is your best friend for sure.

Q8. Lastly, we have VoltiFlex, it’s not out yet, but can you give us a little sneak peek at what it is about?

VoltiFlex is one of those baking platforms that I think will change the game in DeFi. So the idea behind VoltiFlex is that you can stake any token you want. I believe they might have to be Ethereum or BNB based, but we’ll get more information as they come out because those are the tokens that we are bridged on. But essentially, you’ll be able to stake a plethora of tokens and get rewards either in Ethereum or that token. I don’t know what the rewards will be as far as that token or Ethereum, but you will be able to stake tokens that don’t have places to stake them on VoltiFlex and get rewards with our zero tax. Now, we did have a tokenomic feature where we had reflections, but now that we zero tax Web no longer have reflections. People were bummed about that. But looking ahead on the roadmap, VoltiFlex is going to solve that issue for everyone, allowing us to stake our $VOLT and get rewarded for that. So that is the idea behind Voltiflex. A global staking platform. So it’s going to benefit everyone once again. Not just $VOLT, but everyone. And that’s kind of, again, going back to your original question, how the team is aiming for $VOLT to be that one-stop shop adding utilities like this.

Q9. A strong, engaged community is essential for the success of any project. And I am pretty sure that Volt Inu cares about their community. Can you discuss Volt Inu’s strategy to ensure active community involvement and share some examples of initiatives or programs that have been put in place to engage and reward VOLT holders within the ecosystem?

Great question, man. Great question. Well, our biggest way to keep the community engaged is our 24-hour open voice chat, where you can come into the voice chat and talk to people like myself and Pablo. You can talk at Voltoshi. He won’t talk back, but he might type in the chat. We have a lot of guys who’ve been in the game for a while, who’ve been in this project for a while, in there, holding it down, just keeping people encouraged, especially through times like this. You need someone with a like-minded vision to bounce ideas with and to talk to because when crypto is going bad, the outside world is pointing at us like, “Haha. Told you so.” The VC is a good place to go and keeps everybody level-headed.

Remind them what our goals are. Remind them what we came here to do. And that can be a good place to get your mind right. Another way that Volt has done well with keeping their community engaged is giveaways Every now and again, just a random giveaway from the Twitter tag. A few people dropped a meme. We got meme contests going on. We have artists who decide to make a lot of Volt songs out of nowhere that Voltoshi just blasts across Twitter. It’s almost like 50. Voltoshi opens the door for community engagement, but I think the community just decides to do stuff. They decide to go. Let’s go raid Twitter today. Let’s drop a personal tweet. Let’s go crazy today. And all that stemmed from the voice chat.

So I think being involved in Volt and being in that VC, you’re going to see the engagement, you’re going to see the dev bouncing ideas off with the community. And that makes everybody feel like they have a voice. They have the power within Volt so that people’s crypto we take that seriously. So I think that’s how they keep everybody engaged is just simply by giving each and every investor a place to voice their opinion and be heard.

Q10. Are there any prominent partnerships that Volt Inu has done this year or planning to have?

Oh, man. Partnerships is our middle name, sir. We have a Linktree, which is madly extensive. You’re going to be scrolling for quite some time. But just to name a few partnerships, we have UFC fighters. We have partnerships with this utility called CoinRabbit where you can leverage your $VOLT, and you can give your $VOLT up as collateral and get a crypto loan, get a USDT loan. You can either buy more crypto with that or handle business at home, whatever the case may be. We have partnerships with OpenLeverage where you can do BNB leverage trading. We actually have a partnership with Big Cat, who was a fighter as well. And he will be doing a documentary video sponsored by Volt talking about his story and how Volt changed his life. And that should be coming out shortly, and it might actually be this year.

I can’t name all the partnerships because Linktree is so extensive. But there are a lot of partnerships with Volt, and they’ve been doing this since the beginning. They’re all for collaborating. We just recently had a collaboration with a token that does Powerballs, and the pool reward for Volt Powerball was 10 BNB plus 6 grand. This is our third round, and it’s already at $4,000 for the pool and a ten BNB bonus. So we’re looking at almost ten grand each round being given away with this partnership. There are so many partnerships, so many sponsorships, and so many opportunities going on with Volt. We did have a lot of influencers on board at one point, but we recently decided to downsize a little bit and focus more on the community, the organic true believers, to help push this thing to the next level. But as far as partnerships go, the best thing to do is to check out that link tree because it is extensive, for sure.

Q11. We’re curious to hear more about Volt Inu’s roadmap for 2023. Can you share any updates on the project’s advancement and the team’s resolution to accomplish its goals? What is Volt Inu’s roadmap for 2023, and what milestones can we expect to see achieved?

We are actually on Stage 5 of the roadmap. And one of the things we accomplished this year was our bridge to Polygon, allowing Volt Inu to be traded on the Polygon network. We updated our website, which is super slick. This looks like a million-dollar website. The VoltiCard, which we talked about, was on our roadmap, and we already released that. VoltiEco was just released recently. Again, that’s the AI-powered technology that goes and retrieves airdrops and brings them back home. And we had on the roadmap 100 VoltiChange widgets, and we’re actually at 170. So we had 170 projects integrate the VoltiChange into their website.

Some other things that are on the roadmap for Stage 5 that are super bullish are the VoltiFlex that we just discussed. 3 top 10 centralized exchanges and we just recently got one of those with Kucoin, so shout out to them. So we’re looking to knock off two more top-tier exchanges for this roadmap. $1 million burn at an all-time high. Some people forget about that, but once we reach a 250,000,000 market cap, there will be a million-dollar burn at the ATH. 250,000 holders is another goal at that stage, and 250,000 Twitter followers. So if you’re in this space and do not follow the Volt Inu Official, please do so. So we can scratch that off the list as well.

But as far as advancements go, with the exception of the things that we already released, VoltiCard and VoltiEco, the next advanced utility I can speak on is the VoltiFlex. I’m not too sure what VoltiSoft is yet. We haven’t gotten any information on what that is, to be honest. But it’s looking like by a recent tweet that VoltiSoft might be the layer of our ecosystem. And if you guys saw that tweet, you know what I’m talking about. But if not, I have to check it out. But that’s what we have going on our roadmap for stage five. We did knock out our other four stages in 14 months or so. So, it’s been a pretty lightning-quick speed. This project has been moving for sure.

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