Highlights from Bitrue x Digital Bits “Ask Me Anything” Session on Twitter Spaces | by Bitrue | Jul, 2023

From the Bitrue blog.

Q1. Can you please give us a brief introduction and overview of what DigitalBits is about and its goals?

Sure. So, to give a really brief description of Digital Bits, the project’s goal is to create utility and drive on-chain adoption. Digital Bit stands to be the blockchain of brands, which means focusing on how to drive utility to brands and let them create adoption.

Q2. Obviously, with such a great project, there is also a great team that works really hard to put together all the pieces here. Can you explain a little bit about the team behind the projects and also are there prominent DigitalBits’s partners that support the project as well?

Yes, sure. So the brands involved with the Digital Bits ecosystem are mainly retail brands, selling products with Digital Bits. And we will start new campaigns to push adoption across these brands. It’s not only marketing but real action that can take place in the world. Some examples, such as Chile, where they have 5 million users, rather have the option to use XDB and stuff and provide further adoption and stuff for the future of XDB.

Q3. What strategies do you employ as DigitalBits’s community manager to encourage engagement among DigitalBits community members?

Absolutely. So my key focus whenever it comes to community engagement is always that of organic nature. I know how important and how valuable the work and power of community members being on board with each other, having members being well aligned. And one of the ways in which we, or rather I and our company, will sort of try to help drive this is by providing as much education and transparency about the project and the space as we possibly can allowing users to make the best decisions that work for them. Even if that’s the case for users going, this project may not be for me. As long as they are informed and have all the accessible information provided to them to make the best decision possible, that works for them. That will be our motive for building that community trust and knowing that community members are in this project for the right reasons.

Q4. And how do you leverage social media platforms (like Threads?) to enhance community growth and interaction?

So even myself, I’ve only just gotten threads, and even I’m still trying to piece together how all of these social media platforms are working and how to utilize them best. So obviously, with all the different social media platforms and stuff, they will all have their strengths and abilities. And it’s about for us at this moment, trying to reassess and make sure that all of our platforms that we currently are being utilized to their full potential to make it easier for users to gain access to information, easier for members to correspond with one another, to be able to share ideas, initiatives, and become more well informed within the space. So we’re definitely going to be using more of our social media channels to have it expanded, hopefully. But yeah, we’re definitely going to be making sure that our community is at the forefront when it comes to our social media expansion.

Q5. Can you tell us a bit more about the PowerStake Program?

Yes, sure. So to keep it short, the program is designed to encourage users to use our AstraX Wallet to encourage users to hold the XDB within their wallets and be rewarded for it by providing APY percentages. Rewards are proportionate to the time in which the currency is staked, and also, in addition to that, we will have a burning. So to give an example, if we have 100,000 tokens as a reward being given to users once it’s been sent to their wallets, an additional 100,000 tokens will be burnt as well to help reduce supply. So it’s all being used as an initiative to bring people to our AstraX Wallet.

Q6. Can you tell us a bit more about the AstraX wallet and what are the benefits of using the AstraX wallet?

Yeah, sure. So first and foremost as well, the PowerStake is only for the mobile version of our AstraX wallets. We will have two, which are the web version and our mobile. They are two separate wallets. They do not interlock with each other. So let’s start by saying that the AstraX wallet is a noncustodial wallet, and the main benefit of it is that the users are responsible for the safety of their funds. So it’s completely decentralized. It is all yours. Besides this, thanks to the force of Digital Bits in the payment integration space, you can easily pay through AstraX using your XDB and sometimes get more benefits. For example, when making purchases through Doppelgänger brand, if you pay with XDB, you’ll immediately get 10% of cashback or rebate, rather, I should say, with XDB.

Q7. In terms of partnerships, do Digital Bits lean more towards Web3.0 or Web2.0 partners?

So we definitely want to have a primary focus of starting at crypto and finishing in the real world, so having it more, for example, retail brands where people can actually use the crypto and stuff for real-world cases. So that’s definitely going to be the drive.

Q8. We’re curious to hear more about DigitalBits Chain’s roadmap for 2023. Can you share updates on the project’s advancement and the team’s resolution to accomplish its goals? And what milestones can we expect to see achieved?

Without giving away too much detail and too much information to keep it very brief and short, we’re going to be working mainly over the next coming months on creating adoption and utility with obviously some of our existing and new partnerships enhancing utility and also as well on-chain conversion.

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