Highlights from Bitrue Community Talks “Ask Me Anything” Session with Our Bitrue Ambassador @Longhardwinter1 on Telegram | by Bitrue | Dec, 2022

From the Bitrue blog.

Bitrue Ambassador, Anthony the Fitness Fanatic

19th December, 2022 — Bitrue has recently upgraded our ambassador program in October to stay more connected to our community and better approach our users. In November, we announced our first batch of ambassadors and among them, we have @Longhardwinter1, also known as Anthony, as the “Ask Me Anything” session’s guest. Having 7 years of experience in the crypto space as a trader, Antony shared his views on what role the community plays in the crypto industry.

Let’s take a peek at how the AMA session turned out in the Q&A below:

Q1. First of all, could you please give us a brief introduction about yourself?

Hi everyone! I’m @longhardwinter on Twitter (Anthony in the real world 😁). I’m 34, And have a wide range of prior work roles from retail, bar work to construction, but it wasn’t until 2015 that I found my passion, which was/is investing, even then I heard about Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies but did not take the crazy dive until the end of 2017 (like most people I wish it were when I first heard about it😉). Ever since I got on that crypto bus I was hooked like a fish in a pond, and it is now my full-time job trading & farming via Bitrue. A lot of lessons learned, but I do believe it to be a good catch.

Q2. Could you please tell us how did you become a Bitrue Ambassador?

I became a Bitrue user soon after hearing about the famous “Power Piggy” scheme and the very good interest rates I could get on my XRP. So, after my user experience and seeing the upward direction of the exchange’s lightning growth & potential, I thought I wouldn’t mind being on that journey too (although, at that point, I didn’t think I would make the cut for an ambassador role). Fast forward to last month when Bitrue held another ambassador program. I dived in head first and met the requirements (happily) 👌

Q3. How would you describe your experience as a Bitrue Ambassador so far?

It’s been a very short time so far, but you do get some kind of satisfaction in helping an exchange like Bitrue grows and helping users with their queries.

Q4. Being a part of the Bitrue community, do you think community is important in crypto? What are the roles of community in your point of view?

I do! I believe it helps people that are new to digital currencies learn things, from how to buy & send their coins, to help look out for scams, so I would say its an overlooked part of the crypto world that could be extremely important. It’s also very entertaining 🤼

Q5. Aside from crypto, do you have any hobbies?

Outside of crypto utopia 😁 I am a gym fanatic that’s currently binging the world cup 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 I train rugby and k1 kickboxing, and I like delving into biohacking (using an outside stimuli, to improve body & mind) oh and I love a strong drink 🥃

Q6. In your opinion, what type of characteristics would make a great Bitrue Ambassador?

When being an ambassador for any group, I would say you have to at least have belief in the product or company you enjoy; otherwise it’s hypocritical. Also, I would say “patience”. Patience with exchange users.

Q7. From your perspective, as a professional trader, a Bitrue user, and now our Bitrue ambassador, what do you think of the current market condition?

Considering all that’s been going on lately, with exchange safety and the collapse of FTX, the market seems to be holding up very strongly. A lot of people see it as being bleak and depressing (lovely buying opportunity), but it seems to be where it should be, although I was expecting a final low from Bitcoin to the range of $1200-$1300.

Q8. Are there any particular crypto listings that you are looking forward to on Bitrue?

Bitrue has a very decent amount of cryptocurrencies to choose from. So, at this time, I am happy with the variety that is available, but I am looking forward to what you are planning to “bring back” to BTR. Oh and the buybacks.

Q9. What about Bitrue’s app? Do you have any favorite features?

I do have a few, and they seem to change. My first favorite, and the reason I first signed up to Bitrue, is “Power Piggy” 🐖 but my favorite currently is yield farming, especially using BTR.

Q10. Do you have anything to say to new users signing up to Bitrue?

I would say, I personally use Bitrue and have referred friends and family who have all had a fairly good experience. And any time there were any issues, these were resolved in 24hrs.

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