While many come to Consensus to see new developments and projects, it is not without it’s own blockchain drama. Here’s a quick highlight of what happened at Consensus.

Justin Sun’s session at the main stage of Consensus was a thrilling and highly anticipated event. Sun is the CEO of Tron, a project with recurrent accusations of questionable behaviour from the community.

consensus 2019

Interviewer Pete Rizzo, was having none of that and wanted Sun to get his story straight. “One of the accusations against Tron was that they didn’t do anything new, was it a strategy not to innovate?” Asked Rizzo. This was one of the many questions for which Justin Sun stumbled in words in the absence of concrete answers, which was his go to strategy throughout the interview. One of the major accusations against Tron is that project started with a plagiarized whitepaper, Rezzo, wanted to dig deeper.

What do you have to say about the plagiarized whitepaper?

Trying to find words, Sun says that his teams English was not very good so it was a…

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