, the website for news and promotion of Bitcoin Cash, owned by Mr. Roger Ver could be under some kind of malicious attack sponsored by rival governments.

In a Reddit post, the man known as “Bitcoin Jesus” shared an image of an email from Google warning him that a group of government hackers might be attempting to attack the website by targeting one of his G Suite users.

According to Roger Ver, the cause of the attacks is’s effort to “bring economic freedom to the world.”

“Because is building tools to bring economic freedom to the world, we are likely under government-backed attacks.

Below is a copy of the screenshot attached in Mr. Ver’s post:

Just a Warning

Google said that the detection of threats to its customers improved as a result of a change in their cybersecurity algorithms and procedures. Now when Google finds a potential risk, they send an email to the victim advising to take the corresponding precautions.

However, Google is emphatic in pointing out two essential…

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