Gold price seemed to react immediately to the lessened risk of tensions between the US and Iran today. Gold bullion has now dropped from its recent highest peak since 2013, as investors seemingly switch to more risky assets.

Gold Price Rose in 2019, Still Outpaced by Crypto Gains
Gold price has reflected a belief in economic uncertainty, gaining in 2019 on a series of geopolitical conflicts, ranging from the US-China trade talks, to the military strike against Iran at the start of 2020.
Historically, Bitcoin (BTC) has behaved somewhat similar to gold price, rising whenever interest in stocks diminish. Still, BTC prices are much more volatile and unpredictable, as they are also fighting to establish support and resistance levels on a shorter time scale.

We could easily see #BTC at $50,000 in 2020 and it would still be only 10% of gold’s market cap.With China launching a digitized yuan & the West lagging behind, we truly live in interesting times.Thanks to @mattmiller1973 for the invigorating discussion!

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