Considering the cryptocurrency exchange platform
existing, it is hard to find one that gives online gamers what they deserve. However,
today BitParadise have taken a giant step in building an exchange platform that
offers its users a win-win situation.  

BitParadise is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that aims
to build the first global cryptocurrency exchange that employs a combination of
trade mining and cryptocurrency earning games. In a distinct manner, it is offering
its users a unique 1 + 1 sharing trading mining system. The whole idea behind
this project is to earn a profit using a
blockchain-based casino game service and later reimburse its users with the
profit made through the blockchain.

There are also indications that the BitParadise
exchange will operate on the fiat currency markets of Argentina and South
Korea. Particularly, the exchange platform expects to take advantage of its
presence in Argentina as a bridge to gain access to other Spanish speaking peso
markets in South America.

Furthermore, BitParadise…

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