Trade Organization International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has recently revealed that it will make DLT available to its over 45 million members companies.

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Members

The Trade Organization which has business giants like Amazon, Coca Cola, FedEx, McDonald’s and PayPal as members, revealed that it has partnered with a Singapore-based blockchain startup— Perlin. The main goal of the partnership is to help with the improvement of supply chain processes for its member firms.

According to ICC, its member which cut across 130 countries will be connected to the Perlin’s blockchain platform so they can enjoy all the benefits associated with using the platform.

The announcement from ICC made it known that Perlin, is now an official ICC technology partner, and as a result of this, all members the trade organization now have free access to its blockchain platform during the early stages of the project. It was also stressed that Perlin will focus on “practical, efficient and scalable…

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