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Get Your First Cryptocurrency With LBank, Start Trading Today

The word ‘Financial freedom’ is now a catchphrase that you may never stop hearing as long as cryptocurrency exists. This is because it is and has always been the motivation behind most investors’ interest in trading and acquiring any form of digital currency.

The staggering economy has made it even more compelling for individuals to source other alternative means of income — a situation which cryptocurrency rightly resolves.

The fundamental of every blockchain or cryptocurrency project is to solve the needs of the masses and also create a sort of passive income for them. However, certain crypto assets serve different purposes that are relatively free from generating returns.

By all means, cryptocurrency and blockchain are changing how the world transacts with money. The number of use cases has blossomed as the industry grows and evolves. As Bitcoin, a store of value asset continues to be accepted and adopted, the entire space gains more credibility which accounts for its over 2.2 trillion market cap.

To start on the journey of your financial emancipation, you have to first research and educate yourself about the type of exchanges to trade with, their fees, services, and platform usability.

One of the best exchanges to choose from is LBank, a cryptocurrency trading platform that was founded in 2015. The exchange is among the top 25 exchanges with a daily trading volume of more than 1 billion dollars, and 500+ cryptos to buy and sell.

The top crypto exchange offers a flat fee model of 0.1% which is well below the industry standard. Moreover, you will not be charged withdrawal fees, traders are only responsible for the network and blockchain fees.

There are numerous trading tools, trading indicators, and APIs services on the platform for both experienced and new traders. Likewise, users can trade Spot, Grid, Futures, ETF, and Options.

For new users, its interface is easy to navigate on Android and iOS. LBank is famous for having deep liquidity, easy account creation, and a wide range of crypto options with very low fees. It also has a cold and hot storage wallet allowing optimum security.

Trade Early With LBank and Get the Most Value

To get started, download LBank on your android or iOS phone. You can trade from the official website which is similarly simple to use.

After opening an account, go to the homepage, and click on ‘Deposit’. Choose the coin or token you wish to purchase.

Interestingly, you can buy directly from the exchange with your credit or debit card.

Now you can click on ‘Markets’ where you have the option to buy altcoins (ALTS), tokens up against USD, BTC, ETH, GameFi, and ETF, then click the ‘Buy’ button.

Therein, select what percentage you want to buy out of your money.

In that case, it will ask you for a buying confirmation passcode or password. Thereupon, you type in yours and then hit ‘confirm’ and then it says your order is successfully placed.

With this, your orders will be open orders. You can cancel all orders or place orders to set the price for in the future.

You can take as many zeros away as you want or get your initial investment out and leave the risk. You do not have to sell everything. You can sell a percentage, then set the other percentage for selling in the future.

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