On Tribalism in Crypto Communities – The Merkle

A major point of criticism since the inception of cryptocurrency has involved the community surrounding and promoting the technology. From the original anarcho-capitalists of Bitcoin, to the elitist fan groups of individual altcoins, crypto enthusiasts have, in the eyes of many, contributed

The Aftermath of the Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings – The Merkle

On January 24, investment ratings company Weiss Ratings released its ratings of 74 cryptocurrencies. While the list is only available for purchase, it was possible to access it for free under a specific subdomain on the company’s site, which allowed many

Which Altcoins To Buy This Week (1st of October, 2017)

Last week, the price of most major altcoins stabilized following a bullish week that witnessed some considerable gains in the price of multiple coins. Ethereum ETH  price rose from around $265, in the beginning of the week to stabilize around