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With the rise of play-to-earn games (P2E), more and more people are diving into the world of crypto gaming and finding ways to connect to play together as well as to earn together. Gaming guilds are one example of how online groups have formed to leverage community power in order to maximize the potential of gaming. Guilds are for game players to organize, share resources, and play games collectively. Infinity Force is one of the many gaming guilds that hold a strong vision for community building within the gaming realm. In this article, we speak to Sam Welch to get to know the ins and outs of the Infinity Force Guild.

What is Infinity Force?

Infinity Force is a play-to-earn system that allows anyone to create, grow and manage their very own guild through a single integrated platform. We are building the infrastructure to support play-to-earn games and guilds of the future. Our software solution provides:

1. Player recruitment and onboarding
2. Training and development
3. Starting your own guild by investing in NFTs and lending them out for others to play and earn for you
4. Performance management of your players and team
5. Process Payments automatically for you and your team
6. Data analytics 

How did you find yourself in Infinity Force?

I fell in love with crypto in 2014 and have been participating in the movement ever since. After working for a Digital Marketing Agency for 7 years in California, I joined as a Product and Performance Marketing Manager. After that, my passions began shifting to everything web3 and DeFi, so I started advising early-stage projects in the space with my marketing and crypto knowledge. That’s how I ended up at Infinity Force! And I couldn’t be happier. The team is full of talented folks with complementary backgrounds in finance, blockchain development, creative/design, and, of course, marketing! We also have endless support from our investors and strategic partners to execute our mission!

How and why did you start Infinity Force?

The founding team created our first small guild of 20 scholars. This grew to 100, then 200, then 300. Today, we have onboarded 1200 scholars, and we continue to grow each day. We did everything from recruiting players, to onboarding, training, mentoring, and monitoring performance. 

But this was not the most sustainable process and we realized that needed to come up with something more efficient and low labor. We understood the pain points and frustration of being a guild manager, learned precisely what scholars needed, and built a technology that makes the process easier for everyone – including those who aren’t familiar with P2E games or blockchain. We set out on a mission to build a technology platform that would help us manage our own guild and support the entire play-to-earn ecosystem and community.

What would you say players or participants get out joining Infinity Force?

We place players on a team for a game they love. The application and selection process is simple, and onboarding into a guild is seamless. Players will no longer have to join 15+ discords and tediously apply for scholarships when all guilds who grant scholarships use our platform.

At the same time, if players ever want to manage a guild themselves, they can do so on our platform. We provide a simple solution and give Guild Managers their own play-to-earn team allowing them to invest in NFTs and lend them out to gamers to share earnings.  

Lastly, investors who want to support our platform can purchase our token and receive a share of earnings from everything Infinity Force generates as passive income.

How do you think the evolution of the Metaverse can impact communities?

From what we have seen first-hand with our own guild (1200+ scholars globally), there is another way for communities to earn income, and that’s through playing games. Especially during this COVID pandemic where many people have lost their jobs, the play-to-earn gaming model has been an accessible way to provide for families, save up enough to attend school, and ultimately transform lives. This ecosystem will continue to grow and mature, and we are proud to be the solution that makes it easy for all to participate.

We are connecting gamers to investors and managers. We also connect managers and investors to games and gamers too. We believe that we are building a great ecosystem where everyone can connect.

What’s next for you and your team?

We have a wonderful, loving community that we plan to expand to the far reaches of the globe. Infinity Force frankly would not and could not exist without them. 

Other than that, we want to build, build, and build some more. We have a clearly defined and structured product roadmap serving our game/guild partners, the P2E ecosystem, and beyond. While our initial product launching soon will support the guilds and games, we have plenty more up our sleeves to share at a later date. This also involves releasing our own NFTs for the community and leveraging our great partnership with the Mintable platform to generate awareness.

What can people expect from the Infinity Force Roadmap?

We are currently in Beta, testing our product with our own guild and other guilds and games. Once we finalize all the features and fix any bugs, we will launch our product globally and onboard as many people with as many high-quality P2E games as possible. So make sure to stay tuned for the next few months as we announce all of our partnerships

2022 will be our year of development and build with quite a number of our partners and games. But our plans for the DAO consist of three main things:

1. Providing incentives for Infinity Force token holders through staking and earning rewards

2. Provide partnership incentives (e.g. gain special access to our partners’ games, pre-sale of NFTs, and more)

3. Provide gamers and guild managers access to the various games

How would someone get involved if they wanted to?

There are three ways: 

  1. You can go to our website and register to be a guild manager
  2. You can register to be a scholar
  3. You can participate in the public sale of our token when we list

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The article above came directly from the blog, found on

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