The controversial social media site Gab has built its own Dissenter web browser. The browser is the first step in eventually creating a “free-speech marketplace and app store that is powered by free-speech money, bitcoin.”

GAB Will Strip Down Brave and Add Tor, Bitcoin

Due to GAB’s controversial reputation of hosting objectionable content, GAB has found it difficult to find any service provider willing to host its services. The platform has therefore decided to create its own forked version of the web browser Brave, which itself is based on Chrome open-source code, to sustain its laissez-faire interpretation of free speech.

Dissenter is a browser extension launched February 26 that allows anyone to leave comments on URLS. Users simply type their comment and click “Dissent this,” which then interfaces with the given URL. The extension also allows users to up and down vote content for both comments and URLs.

Understandably, the news didn’t go down well with Brave’s CEO Brendan Eich, with Eich stating on Twitter.

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