photo by Bartek Sadowski +48 609 120 330 [email protected]

Every day over million transactions is made with cryptocurrencies. Technology, which is in constant development, was discussed by international experts during FuturoCoin Conference.

the FuturoCoin Conference in Warsaw, it was possible to listen to
speeches by foreign experts. Among them was Muhammad Salman Anjum, a
futurologist and speaker at prestigious TED Talks as well as a respected
blockchain expert worldwide. Anjum talked about the development
prospects and the potential of using blockchain technology – the one
responsible for cryptocurrencies.

“I’m very
content about the high standard of the conference. I know that Poland is
still in one’s infancy when it comes to the knowledge and interest of
blockchain as technology. But this kind of events like FuturoCoin
Conference should bring the audience closer to the subject. I know for
the fact, that there is still a lot of work to do, not only in…

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