The SO project
from Silicon Valley has been very much heated recently. As the leading project
of the next generation decentralized high-efficiency public chain, it will not
only surpass all existing public chains, its future prospects are even more
limitless! For the specific prospects, the author is here to give you a
detailed interpretation:

The SO project
successfully achieved an efficient and decentralized public chain from theory
to practice through the self-developed CPBFT consensus algorithm, which will
become an indispensable infrastructure for the new generation blockchain 4.0.
The combination of efficiency and decentralization brings endless expansion,
which will transform the whole world into a world driven by tokens, and our
life will undergo subversive changes!

The first
prospect is that everyone has tokens, everyone can issue their own wallets. It
will be very convenient, unlike the current ETH network that has technical
thresholds and troubles. Just create an address in the DApp and you can
broadcast your wallet…

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