Full Introduction to LBank’s Latest IEO Project in 2023: PINS | by LBank Exchange | Aug, 2023

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1. What is PINS?

PINS is a metaverse project designed to redefine how we perceive digital social spaces.

● It integrates aspects of role-playing, gaming, and dynamic universe-building.

● PINS uses blockchain technology, specifically the Ethereum blockchain, and introduces the concept of “Verses,” which are story-driven social realms.

1.1 PINS’s Value Proposition

● PINS seeks to redefine how individuals perceive digital social realms, offering an alternative to conventional social networking platforms.

● Their platform stands out due to its versatility, prioritizing creativity, innovation, and decentralized governance.

1.2 PINS’s Key Highlights

Metaverse Innovation: PINS is presented as a groundbreaking metaverse project, aiming to change how users interact in digital social spaces.

EMIT-Core Integration: Enhanced cross-chain functionalities thanks to EMIT-Core, ensuring broader compatibility with multiple blockchain ecosystems.

“Verses” Introduction: Unique story-driven social domains (called “Verses”) that enhance the digital experience.

Role-play Focus: Tools and environments foster deep social connections, emphasizing role-playing, making it a haven for cosplay and role-playing aficionados.

Gaming Aspects: Users can engage in narrative-driven games, evoking the essence of tabletop RPGs and murder mysteries.

Dynamic Universe: PINS offers an ever-evolving world that places user interaction and role-playing at its core.

Comparison to DAMUS: PINS is positioned as a more advanced platform in contrast to DAMUS, offering a broader spectrum of applications.

NFT Integration: Characters and storyline elements are represented as NFTs, with plans to integrate other blockchain systems’ tokens and NFTs.

Core Metrics: Metrics like the Active Verse Count, Average Asset Value in a Verse, and Active On-chain Characters provide tangible measurements of growth and engagement.

Emphasis on Role-playing and Content Creation: PINS taps into the innate human love for storytelling and role-playing, ensuring every interaction has a narrative backdrop.

1.3 Noki

● Noki is a unique, native Non-Fungible Token (NFT) species born within the PINs metaverse. Each Noki possesses distinct personality traits, ranging from cheerful to despondent, just to malevolent, and more. They are known for their playful and liberal nature, bringing humor and life to the otherwise vast and uncharted universes in PINs. Noki are not just collectibles; they have functional aspects:

Uniqueness: Every Noki is irreplaceable and distinct.

Friendship: Nokis start with a friendship score of 30 points, which can decrease or increase based on user interactions, specifically by feeding them.

Functionality: Nokis serve as one’s virtual identity in PINs, granting the ability to participate across multiple verses and even create new ones.

● To obtain a Noki, users must complete tasks in the PINs App. There’s no pre-sale, making them freely accessible. Increasing a Noki’s friendship requires completing daily tasks in the app, reinforcing user engagement.

Total Token Supply: 10 billion tokens

3. Roadmap and Updates

2023.9.10: Activation of Noki’s “non-social escape” mechanism.

○ Noki, an NFT cat nurtured through social interactions, will initially highlight its sociability. However, if social engagement diminishes by this date, Noki might revert to its quantum state, which means a state of non-ownership. There’s a provision for the original owner to redeem it.

2023.9.30: NFT trading on the PINS network will commence, starting with the Ethereum network. Additionally, Noki will be listed on platforms like OPENSEA.

2023.10.31: Introduction of the PINS pledge plan.

○ Investors will have the opportunity to invest in Verse Treasure using PINS tokens. This will allow them to partner with a Verse and potentially earn basic returns.

2023.10.31: Activation of Noki’s “Noki is a money-making cat” mechanism.

○ The health status of a Noki will determine the pledge returns for its owner. A healthier Noki promises better returns.

2024.1: Launch of PINS Verse Initial Developer Mode.

○ This mode will provide Verse Keepers with tools to enhance their Verses. Features will include the ability to issue their NFTs, monetize through mini-games, and integrate third-party NFTs.

2024.6: Introduction of PINS Verse Advanced Developer Mode.

○ This advanced mode will further amplify Verse capabilities. Features will encompass integrating third-party assets, facilitating community-driven component creation, and a component library for Verse Keepers.

4. How to participate in PINs IEO?

Participation Steps:

• Log in to www.lbank.com

• Deposit more assets (BTC, ETH, USDT, and LBK) to your spot account. Click here to deposit [https://www.lbank.com/wallet/account/main/deposit/crypto/usdt/].

Minimum deposit amounts: BTC ≥ 0.0001, ETH ≥ 0.0001, USDT ≥ 1, LBK ≥ 100.

• Wait for the system snapshot.

From 2023–08–01 08:00 to 08–30 08:00, the daily average holdings of major coins (BTC, ETH, USDT, and LBK) in users’ spot accounts will determine the allowed investment amount.

• Go to the event page to check the allowed amount.

• Sign the purchase agreement.

• To get as many tokens as possible, deposit the required USDT according to your quota.

• Wait for the system to calculate the actual number of tokens you will receive.

● Check the received tokens and returned USDT. Click here to go to the spot account [https://www.lbank.com/wallet/currency/].

● Note: Before participating in the event, complete at least one spot trade. Click to go to spot trading [https://www.lbank.com/trade/btc_usdt/].

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