On May 2, the Bitcoin.com podcast series Humans of Bitcoin published an interview with early bitcoin supporter Jason King who became a moderator for Reddit forum r/bitcoin in late 2012. During the interview, King tells podcast host Matt Aaron how the forum r/bitcoin went from a fun area on the web to an environment filled with censorship and manipulation.

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Jason King Recalls Witnessing Heavy Censorship While Moderating R/Bitcoin

There’s been many detailed posts concerning the censorship and propaganda tied to the Reddit forum r/bitcoin. In fact, the forum’s lead moderator Theymos controls r/bitcoin, bitcointalk.org, and the en.bitcoin.it/ (Wiki) page as well. This week, Bitcoin.com’s podcast host and coordinator, Matt Aaron, discussed what it was like to be a moderator for r/bitcoin with the well-known bitcoiner Jason King. According to King, he became a moderator for the forum at the end of 2012 and he believes the

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Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/former-mod-explains-r-bitcoin-censorship-and-why-he-was-removed/