In an attempt to rectify the ongoing public relations nightmare for Coinbase, CEO Brian Armstrong has stated that former members of Hacking Team will be transitioned out of the company. 

Lessons Learned?

Earlier in February, Coinbase, the leading US-based cryptocurrency exchange, announced the acquisition of blockchain surveillance startup Neutrino.

The move caused a massive outburst of the cryptocurrency community because Neutrino’s CEO, Giancarlo Russo, previously worked as a COO of Hacking Team, an Italian-based venue with a questionable (to say the least) reputation. The Hacking Team has reportedly sold commercial hacking software to the police, enabling them to carry out a huge number of surveillance activities.

Soon after that, Coinbase’s Director of Institutional Sales, Christine Sandler, admitted that the members of the cryptocurrency exchange sold client data to an ‘outside source’ — adding even more fuel to the fire.

In an attempt to rectify the situation, CEO Brian Armstrong explained his stance on the…

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