The former US Securities and Futures Trading Commissioner and blockchain supporter Bart Chilton has died. 

Chilton was also known for his tight stance on swaps and derivatives, as well as being a critic of high-frequency traders. Chilton will also be remembered as an advocate of Bitcoin and the application of blockchain technology in general. As a Forbes contributor, Chilton wrote a couple of pieces for the publication highlighting the strengths and areas of improvements that the blockchain could take.

Chilton’s most popular article on the blockchain was a piece for Forbes titled “Bohemian Blockchain Rhapsody: lessons to be learned from Queen & Freddie.” In his piece, Chilton drew parallels between the blockchain and the 1970’s hit song.

‘Get Creative’

Chilton began by surmising his position with the following:

At the same time, there are lessons to be learned from Queen and Freddie. That’s especially true for those in the emerging and exciting world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

His first piece of…

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