Bakkt ex-CEO Faces Serious Competition for US Senate Spot

Former Bakkt CEO, Kelly Loeffler, may have to fight once again for her seat on the US senate as Rep. Doug Collins prepares to run. If she loses, it will undoubtedly deal a huge blow to the US crypto community.

Loeffler Prepares to Defend Georgia Senate Seat
Loeffler, who was appointed to the seat last fall, now has to once again stand against the challenge of Rep. Doug Collins. For now, Loeffler will fill the Georgia seat until November, after she was appointed by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, reported the Vox.
The seat, vacated by the retired Senator Johnny Isakson, will be challenged in a November election with a run-off between Loeffler and Collins if neither secures a majority. The winner will fill the remainder of Isacson’s term until 2022.
Collins, a staunch Donald Trump supporter, is yet to officially announce his competition…

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