The past few months were great for Fognet! We made a lot of progress on the hardware and software, which we cant wait to release soon. I was able to incorporate Fognet into my Master’s degree thesis at the University of Washington, and got to work with some really smart students and faculty on developing the project further.

November: Fognet Web SDK

We started working on the Fognet Web SDK, an online development environment for creating and deploying decentralized applications that can run on the Fognet or the regular internet. We are now integrating the IOTA javascript libraries directly into this development environment, so anyone can get started building p2p apps on the Tangle! We aim to have the SDK finished before the summer.

December: P2P web serverEric and Evan working on the hardware prototype

We have been working with a variety of boards and protocols to find the best solution for resilient mesh networking. One of the most exciting features of the newest Fognet node is an integrated a web server, to enable web…

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