implements Monero’s sub-addresses in crypto to crypto exchange, the leading crypto to crypto exchange
without the need to register an account was first launched in 2017. The
exchange has focused on privacy, simplicity and speed on a constant basis. It
has a catalogue of more than 30 cryptocurrencies and tokens. Today,
adds the latest implementations of monero’s sub-addresses. This constitutes
another layer of privacy when it comes to observers trying to associate
transfers from Monero to and from Let’s go in depth. was launched under the premise of respecting the transactional privacy
of users and maintaining an exchange without accounts. Monero’s recently
implemented sub-addresses allow the use of the exchange with fewer parameters
to be introduced; significantly reducing the possible irreversible mistakes of
an unskilled user. At the same time, the new compatibility implements an
additional layer of “anonymity” to the transactions with Monero.
Monero is characterized…

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