PRESS RELEASE. The first ever community-minted NFT launched at OpenSea this week, attracting a bid of 7 ETH for this historic event and giving 256 lucky users the opportunity to share the proceeds of the NFT auction with the artist.

That large bid is the latest stage of a highly popular campaign, one that saw the opening rounds of NFT minting happen in a matter of minutes, instead of the expected span of five days. More than 12,000 clients enrolled wallets to the website as part of the NFT contest.

The NFT is named “Rebuilding the Tower of Babel”, connecting the idea of the old Biblical Babylonian tower and its mission of uniting people around the world who speak different languages with the city of the future and the huge potential of blockchain technology.

Bidders can bid on the NFT from now until the auction’s end Monday, May 3 at 1:53 pm UTC.

Elena Sinelnikova, CEO and co-founder of Metis, said the…

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