Choosing a name for a company is never easy, especially when you’re bringing a new idea to market, like the farm-to-table app Arrivage.

Its former name, Chef514, managed to fulfill the provincial language requirements of Québec, Canada, which stipulates all enterprise names be in French, while also resonating in English. Five-one-four, Montréal’s area code, is also cinq-un-quatre after all.

The new name, announced with the relaunch of the app last October, reflects the trailblazing ethos of its founder, 3. Arrivage translates to “arrival” in French, but the noun also carries shipment connotations. It is a key subtext for the supply-chain-shortening startup, which has farmers deliver fresh produce directly to restaurateurs. As defined by its founders, Arrivage is “the art of capturing the full potential of each and every seasonal ingredient that people and the land have to offer.”

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