Blockchain casino Fairspin paid out more than 40,000 ETH to players in its first full year of operation.

The casino was founded in late 2018 under the name of Fairplay. A year later, it was rebranded into Fairspin to emphasize the casino’s key distinctive feature – each spin in every game is secured by blockchain. Fairspin’s gaming stats are displayed right on the casino website and everyone can check players’ deposits and payouts on a blockchain explorer.

This blockchain-stored data shows that in 2019 Fairspin paid out more than 40,000 ETH to players. This is close to $6M at the current exchange rate. The actual house edge (the casino advantage) was less than 1% (0,965%, to be exact).

The biggest win from a single bet happened in the Jack and the Beanstalk game – $2,850 at the then exchange rate. The record-high win in a single game session was in the 300 Shields slot – $8,938. The biggest total win in a single day for one player was $14,552.

To make all these figures trackable and proveable, Fairspin utilizes a toolset provided…

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