At Facebook’s annual F8 conference one of Mark Zuckerberg’s themes was “the future is private.” This news also comes on the back of Facebook’s earlier announcements of launching a stablecoin for Whatsapp and its other efforts of decentralization.

In a piece by publication Off The Chain by Anthony Pompliano, the author shared news of Facebook’s apparent re-pivoting towards a more decentralized work model. But a company of Facebook’s size and inherent nature faces many challenges that may hinder its progress.

Facebook’s problems of decentralization

Facebook’s first problem to change to a private or decentralized platform lays in its business model. Its current generator of revenue is to serve advertisements to its 2.38 billion users.

The author surmises that the company will need to change its business model “from an ad-revenue model to a financial services model.”

The company’s second problem comes down to privacy, with Pompliano stating:

The company’s reputation around privacy is not stellar recently….

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