Explaining the Qubic Computation Model: Part 5

In the first part of this series we have looked at a conceptual overview of the Abra specification, which describes how data flow is achieved within the Qubic Computation Model. In the second part we used the Abra specification to start implementing Qupla, a higher level programming language for Qubic. We introduced Qupla’s most basic entities (trit vectors, look-up tables, and constants) and how they map to Abra. The third part explored the way Qupla uses functions and expressions. The fourth part examined Qupla’s basic operations in detail. This fifth part will show how all the components work together by exploring a few examples of Qupla functions.

Putting it all together through examples

To most programmers, nothing helps to understand a programming language more than exploring some example code. This article will therefore focus on a select few examples of Qupla coding. We will introduce a few more language concepts while doing so.

These concepts are mostly convenience-based and optional, like we saw with function…

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