Last year we had the opportunity to interview MicroHash (Lukas Tassanyi) who explained to us about Qubiota, one of the first Ecosystem’s projects related to Qubic.
A couple of months ago, Lukas became part of the IOTA Foundation team and has been actively working on IOTA Controller AgentT (ICT) development.

On this occasion we wanted Lukas to help us understanding a bit more about what ICT does and will do and how it enables Economic Clustering. So, if you’re interested in learning more about this topics, you can’t miss this interview.

Gabriela Jara
Content Coordinator & Writer
IOTA Hispano

In our last interview you weren’t part of the IF yet. Could you describe how a day at work is now that you are part of IF?

I really enjoy working at the Foundation. Since I‘m working remotely, I have a lot of freedom in regards to how I manage my time and can basically work from anywhere where I have internet access. My work day consists of checking in on the ict channels on Discord to help, find out about bugs, discuss various…

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