Ethereum is gaining significant new attention in China right now, causing some to believe that a 50% surge in price could take place over the rest of the this week.

China Ranked #3 for Ethereum Searches

A Twitter account by the name of @Journeyto100K_ has picked up on a significant surge in interest around Ethereum recently. According to Data from Google Trends, searches for ‘Ethereum’ have skyrocketed in China over the last 2 days, leading the tweeter to believe that ETH’s price 00 will rocket soon.

“I would be surprised if we don’t see at least 50% increase for ETH in next 5 days,” @Journeyto100k_ forecasted.

Over the past week, Ether has plummeted from recent highs of $350 to trade at just $200, as of press time July 17. 

As a yardstick for the general lack of faith in altcoin markets, ETH/USD has fallen consistently while Bitcoin 00 sustained lighter damage. 

Even when BTC rose, ETH broadly failed to copy the rally, ending previous cycles of behavior when altcoins tended to overcompensate Bitcoin movements in…

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