Ethereum Bitcoin Overtakes

Ethereum (ETH) is having its moment, as prices move to a four-month high above $190. The recovery took the ETH gains in 2020 to date above those of Bitcoin (BTC).

Ethereum Prices Look at Rally Above $200 on Active Futures Market
ETH prices have promised a bigger rally, headed for $200, noted Skew research. Both spot and derivative markets show a pickup in activity in the past days, pushing Ethereum away from its lows. Even with the robust gains of BTC and its move above $9,000, ETH has not given up the fight and looks like starting an encouraging new trend.

Trading $190 at a four month high, +47% YtD vs BTC + 29%
— skew (@skewdotcom) February 3, 2020

Ethereum raised doubts on whether the last few weeks of relatively flat trading was indeed marking the bottom before a new rally. In the past month, all…

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