An Ethereum wallet address loaded with 530k ETH from the ICO pre-sale has dumped over half since September 25. Prior to this date the tokens had been HODLed since the 2015 Initial Coin Offering.

Pre-ICO ‘Whale’ Account

The wallet address (and recent sell-off) was brought to the public attention in a tweet from D5 -Data Science DAO Co-Founder, Alex Svanevik.


In fact, the wallet address was one of four “whale accounts” highlighted in a Reddit post back in April 2017. The address had been initially funded and since then hit with over 100 zero-balance inputs of ETH, thought to be from spam or network attacks.

Other than that, the account had remained untouched since its inception… until 83 days ago.

Let The Dumping Commence

According to etherscan, on…

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