ethereum developer rewards

It is no secret that early Ethereum (ETH) ICO buyers later became whales and potential multi-millionaires. But the project also seemed extremely generous to its developers.

Ethereum Devs Got Paid for Short-Term Involvement

Ethereum, which went through multiple phases of pre-mining, actual mining, and as much as eight hard forks, has always been accompanied by the guidance of Vitalik Buterin and a small, fluctuating team of developers.

Based on Trustnodes’ blockchain forensic research, it seems the work devs did, even in the earliest days of Ethereum, was compensated with 12 million ETH. One smart contract titled EthDev paid out large initial sums to Vitalik Buterin and several other addresses.

Just lately, one of those addresses was identified to belong to Jeffrey Wilcke, an early Geth developer. Wilcke has moved on from the Ethereum…

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