The Ethereum Foundation has posted in their official blog that they intend to allocate $30 million in funds to the development of various parts of the Ethereum project, including Plasma and the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade.

According to the post, The Ethereum Foundation has changed its focus to match the growth of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain:

“As the ecosystem has matured, the Ethereum Foundation has refined its focus. ‘Doing what is best for Ethereum’ doesn’t mean trying to do everything — it means focusing on where we can add the most value, and leaving space for others to add value in the areas that they will be the most effective.”

They go on to explain what role the foundation plays in Ethereum’s further development as an allocator of funds and supporter of the project.

“Over the next year, the Ethereum Foundation plans to spend $30 million USD on key projects across the ecosystem. This budget is insulated against downward ETH price movement.”

“To help clarify how we define our highest priorities, we describe…

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