#TheFaustFlick, a
comedy film, joins the Ethereum blockchain through a Security Token Offering. An audacious move by estudios
; their White Paper is a sound business plan
backed by an impresive and an in depth market research which latent opportunity
is impeccably outlined as follows: 8.3 million hispanics frequent moviegoers in
the U.S. (go to movies once a month or more) who yearn to see good stories they
can relate to and familiar faces playing roles they can identify with, spent as
much as $2.3 billions at the U.S. box office alone, year after year.

This comedy film is to be produced in
Argentina and Venezuela and initially distributed in the U.S. in two different
language versions; the first one with 80% of the dialog in spanish and the
remaining in english; and the second one with 100% of the dialog in english. In
both cases english will be enunciated, not dubbed. All this via the Film
Business Buster™ Smart Contract which will grant TheFaustFlick (TFF) and
FilmBusinessBuster (FBB) Token holders:

  • Access
    to the…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/estudios-amazonia-changes-the-game-in-the-film-industry-thefaustflick-the-film-business-buster-smart-contract/