The EOS ecosystem received an important addition this week thanks to and EOSIO Labs. On Wednesday, the Universal Authenticator Library, or UAL, was released, providing users with a unified way to access blockchain-based dApps. This means that you will be able to use participating EOS apps with most major EOS wallets.

How UAL Works

EOS offers plenty of dApps that you can use. However, any given dApp may not support the wallet that you store your EOS tokens in. Normally, developers must program their app to support multiple wallets. UAL makes this process much easier, as developers only need to add a few lines of code if they want to support a particular wallet.

For app users, the end result will look familiar. If an app or a website uses UAL, it will present you with a list of compatible wallets. This is similar to the combined sign-in forms that you have probably seen elsewhere on the web—the ones that allow you to log in with Google, or log in with Facebook, and so on.

Currently, only a few EOS wallets are…

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