The EOS community has created a new token that it hopes will ignite a publicity movement. By passing the newly-minted “torch” token forward, the community will raise awareness for the EOS blockchain. Of course, this idea may sound very familiar, and with good reason: Lightning did it first.

The Brief History of Torches

The idea of a crypto torch was originally created by one Lightning Network user in January. The campaign has achieved great success following its humble beginnings. Some big names have already carried the Lightning Torch, including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman.

It may take time for the EOS Torch to gain similar levels of attention. Just hours into the campaign, the torch has already been carried by some notable companies and individuals within the EOS community, including Mythical Games, but earning mainstream recognition will be a much tougher task.

Subtle Differences

Although the two campaigns are superficially similar, there are differences. Users who carry the Lightning…

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