The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is undergoing a major upgrade that will introduce a new permanent domain name registrar. This means that ENS’s modestly-sized userbase must migrate their .eth addresses. However, it also means that ENS is getting a number of new features that could attract new users to the service.

Streamlined Registration

This upgrade will primarily make .eth registration easier than it is right now. ENS notes that the old name registrar was focused on managing high demand and “land grabs,” and that it had to handle multiple users bidding on single names. The registration process can finally be relaxed now that ENS is maturing and moving beyond its initial hype.

Lead ENS developer Nick Johnson explains that, now that things are slowing down, most auctions are resolved with a single bidder. This means that ENS is currently “asking people to jump through [unnecessary] hoops,” Johnson says. He also adds that the permanent registrar will “simplify and accelerate” the registration process.


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